Monday, July 16, 2012

Press Release for Mocking Bird Blues

For immediate release: Contact: mikewindy(Mike Mitchell) Cell Phone: (615)788-0951 email: Mocking Bird Blues: an exhibit of art by mikewindy with a musical performance by The Scissormen Saturday August 4th , 2012 from 7-9pm Ugly Mugs 1886 Eastland Ave. Nashville,TN 37206
UGLY MUGS presents “Mocking Bird Blues” new art by long time Inglewood resident mikewindy aka “Mr. Dan Mills 1987” with very special musical guest The Scissormen who are currently touring in support of their new CD release “Big Shoes” with an accompanying DVD directed by the legendary Robert Mugge. For part of the Scissormen’s set Ted Drozdowski will be playing a diddley bow custom made for him by mikewindy. “Both on record and in live performance, Ted Drozdowski is a guitarist of spellbinding invention and intelligence. His slide playing shears the skin off your bones, and he can unleash roaring gales of sound. But lyricism and musicality lie at the heart of even his wildest moments. I have never listened to him and not been transported to a strange, beautiful place I’d never been before.” —- ANTHONY DECURTIS, ROLLING STONE mikewindy received his BFA in Sculpture from APSU and his MFA in Sculpture from the University of Memphis in 2004. Last summer he taught the first ever Steampunk Sculpture class in a university setting at APSU and is currently an adjunct professor for Bethel University and is the k-4th grade art teacher at Neely’s Bend Elementary School where he feels at home among the 450 plus artists. He encourages them to become the best artists they can by singing the blues standing on their desks, making drawings of Memphis Minnie, noticing all of the birds in the neighborhood, making sculptures out of junk, playing primary color ball and generally paying attention in this world. About his Mocking Bird Blues series mikewindy says “My art is about being in love with my wife. It’s right there in how I sign it. mikewindy. my first name conjoined with hers(both lower case). My art is about sports and art being related. The moves I make in the studio often feel like the moves I make on a court or skating in a ditch. Performing/exhibiting in a gallery is like playing on a field. Letting the hammer do the work is much like letting the golf club swing itself. Babe Ruth and Pablo Picasso are twin giants separated at birth. My art is about play with purpose and without. My art is about geology. I stack up layers of paint, bones, ideas, wood, shoes and sounds. My art is about faces. Mine and yours. Ken Ohara showed us that they are radically different and almost identical, as do masks from all cultures. My art is about generosity. I send hand painted trophies to people like Terri Gross for making my world a better place. My art is about folk art and ART. My art is a bar where Hawkins Bolden and Sara Lucas can get together for drinks. My art is about watching birds on my in-laws’ porch. My art is about avocados. Fat that’s good for you.” For more information about the Scissormen check out their website or mikewindy