Saturday, April 16, 2011

Atlanta, Hank Sr. in the mountains and the best fence in America

Windy, Joey and I went with my Mom and Dad to Atlanta to visit Joey's namesake(big Joe) and his wife and kids. On the way home we drove through the mountains and visited Helen, Georgia where I saw this great poster of Hank Sr. in Betty's IGA. Someone in Helen had as Jim White said "an aesthetic outburst" and nailed up all the old shoes they've found in the river over the years. Dad pointed out a great hand painted Coke sign. If you have one stop in Chattanooga skip the Choo-Choo and go see the best fence in America made by Albert Paley at the Hunter Museum up on the hill.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Austin Peay Steampunk University is created

From June 6th -July 8th APSU becomes Austin Peay Steampunk University. It's an upper division sculpture class that will explore all things Steampunk. The class kind of came about in a real organic way with a discussion with a student and one thing lead to another and now I'm teaching a summer class about Steampunk. It should be really fun. We are using "The Steampunk Bible" as our text. It doesn't even come out until May but looks pretty awesome. I just emailed the director of Nickel Children and he's interested in screening the film at some point during the class here in Clarksville. Here's the poster that the talented Carolyn Madison made for the class. We are also on facebook as AustinPeay SteampunkUniversity.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Paintings and Street Side Art Show

Joey and I made some big paintings Sunday afternoon and decided to lean them up on tobacco sticks along Haysboro ave in front of Mom and Dad's for a few hours to show em off to the neighborhood and see if there were any Joey Fox-mikewindy collectors who would part with $20 to take one home. No takers this time so they're out back with Malea's mini peace pole getting some good weather that'll help em look even nicer.