A few weeks back my wife and I drove out to hermitage to visit Randy Purcell's studio. He has been making encaustic works for a few years now and Windy has started making some as well so we went to see the master. He has a studio in his garage and in the office of his house and both are full of really cool odds and ends and work he's made over the past few years. They also seem impossibly tidy(to me) even though Randy says he can't always find things when he needs them. Randy has an insatiable appetite for experimenting and his studio and work show it. He was nice enough to give Windy and me a encaustic transfer demo that he was going to teach to a group later in the week. One of my favorite things was seeing his two burnishers he made of wood that he keeps with him at all times.

You can find his website on my links page to see more of Randy's work or get in touch with him.