Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Austin Peay Steampunk University is created

From June 6th -July 8th APSU becomes Austin Peay Steampunk University. It's an upper division sculpture class that will explore all things Steampunk. The class kind of came about in a real organic way with a discussion with a student and one thing lead to another and now I'm teaching a summer class about Steampunk. It should be really fun. We are using "The Steampunk Bible" as our text. It doesn't even come out until May but looks pretty awesome. I just emailed the director of Nickel Children and he's interested in screening the film at some point during the class here in Clarksville. Here's the poster that the talented Carolyn Madison made for the class. We are also on facebook as AustinPeay SteampunkUniversity.