Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A yet to be named skateboard company and our first board.

My son and I decided yesterday to start a skateboard company. On the way to teach my evening design class I stopped at Goodwill to look for Sketchbook of the Week trophies( I give one away each week of the quarter). I saw these three skateboards and bought them. They are all k-mart/wal-mart/target beginner quality boards but we needed to start somewhere($11 for all 3). 
Today we made this our first board together! 
We've decided that we will offer several products. Boards that we reclaim with new grip tape, bearings and maybe new graphics will likely be bought by or for beginners that maybe don't want to go the box store route. Boards that we cut from reclaimed wood(the one above came from our kitchen remodel project and is at least 60 years old) and used trucks and wheels will also appeal to beginners. We also hope to create some boards from reclaimed wood with top of the line trucks, wheels, bearings and grip that will be sought after by all levels of skaters and collectors. We have decided that 10% of all sales will go to Give Me Ten a local non-profit that supports students in need that attend East Nashville Public Schools. Stay tuned for our company name and products and to watch the evolution of our skills as makers and businessmen!