Friday, January 3, 2014

Unknown date for ADFJ

You'd have to ask John what the date on this ADFJ is.
He would probably tell you as he's a really nice guy.
A few friends from Florida have asked who John is.
Well, he's my neighbor a few houses down who I started hanging out with and skating with a few summers ago.
He's also an artist and a musician. A painting of his graces the cover of one of his current band's newest records. To learn more about Lees of Memory follow this link
The other band John is currently in (or at least the one I know about) is called Epic Ditch.
Joey and I recently stayed out late (8:30pm!) on a school night to see them play at the 6th Ave. Skate Park.
It was a great show and Joey's first skate rock show.
Here is their bandcamp site.
He's really into Hot Chicken so that's why there's a whole Hot Chicken Series(HCS) inside the ADFJ larger series. I hope that clears things up Stevo and other friends from Florida.